IHT2 Answers Important Cloud Questions for Healthcare Leaders

by Trevor Strome on May 6, 2015

IHT2_logoMy colleagues at the Institute for Health Technology Transformation (IHT2) have recently released an important special report. Entitled Answers to Healthcare Leaders’ Cloud Questions, the report address many of the concerns and issues that healthcare executives might have regarding the use of “the cloud”.

The report notes that healthcare is relatively slow adopting cloud-based solutions compared to other industries. Although many healthcare organizations have “something” on the cloud (such as email and picture archiving and communications systems, or PACS), there is reluctance to move their main information systems to the cloud.

This report by the IHT2 addresses many commonly-held concerns about the cloud, including:

  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Availability
  • Bandwidth
  • Cost
  • Staffing
  • Data storage
  • Migration to the cloud

If your healthcare organization is considering (or in the process of migrating to) the use of the cloud in healthcare, I strongly encourage you to read this report by the IHT2 (there is no cost, but a short email sign-up is required).

For further reading, here are some other articles I’ve written on the use of the cloud in healthcare:

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