Get Up-To-Date with R to Energize your Analytics

by Trevor Strome May 16, 2014

The use of R (http://www.r-project.org/) as a statistical tool in healthcare analytics is quite wide-spread, and growing. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, a few of the reasons that I like R include: there is a large R user community that is willing to help with almost every conceivable question there are several power […]

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R Version 3 Coming Later This Year

by Trevor Strome January 3, 2013

  As regular readers of HealthcareAnalytics.info will know, I am both a proponent and user of R (http://www.r-project.org/), the open-source software environment for statistical computing and graphics. As I’ve written about previously, R is a powerful language that is very useful for healthcare analytics, and I use R when I have a job that no […]

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Why you should try R to give your healthcare analytics a serious boost!

by Trevor Strome July 24, 2012

Breaking the “reporting rut” It is not uncommon for healthcare analytics professionals to fall into a “rut”. This happens when they confine their development and analytical activities to the toolsets/capabilities of one (or only a limited few) analytical applications. These ruts often stymie innovation, inhibit ongoing professional development, and most certainly result in organizations not […]

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