Five Critical Things to Know about Healthcare Data Prior to Use in Analytics

by Trevor Strome on February 3, 2014

As health IT becomes more sophisticated, having more data is indeed a good thing. It can be argued, however that as the number of potential healthcare data items that can be analyzed in modern clinical systems continues to grow, analysts have less understanding of the data compared to when databases were much smaller and used for specific purposes.

In a recent article on, I list five critical things to know about data before exploring new data or developing analytical tools such as dashboards, reports, alert agents and any sort of reporting. These five things to know about healthcare data before using it in analytical and business intelligence applications are:

  • What the data represents
  • Where and how the data is stored
  • The data type
  • What logically can be done with the data
  • How to turn the data into useful information

As big data is garnering attention from an infrastructure and technology perspective, focus must always be maintained on how all that data relates to the business and what is relevant to decision-makers.

You can read the article on to find more details about what you should now about the healthcare data before using it in analytical, business intelligence, and reporting applications.

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