How To Stick With Those New Year’s Professional Development Resolutions

by Trevor Strome January 2, 2013

Starting the new year off right It wouldn’t be the beginning of a new year if I haven’t made some resolutions pertaining to my professional development as a healthcare analytics professional. Of course, like all resolutions, even the professional development ones can be hard to keep! In an interesting post on entitled “How To […]

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The analytics opportunity in healthcare

by Trevor Strome December 30, 2012

Finding information on the web – easy Everyone who has used a search engine on the Web knows how easy it is to query for information by entering a search term (or even just a few relevant words), and with a minimal amount of effort, find the relevant information that answers the question. (A bit […]

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Why you need a healthcare analytics strategy (and why just “having” one isn’t enough)

by Trevor Strome September 19, 2012

Analytics – one hot topic! Analytics is currently a very “hot topic” in healthcare (and other industries as well). Factors contributing to this popularity include: growing volumes of healthcare data, increasing capability and availability of analytical tools. decreasing cost of business intelligence and analytics solutions These and other factors are resulting in a lot of […]

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Get Serious about Health Information Security and Privacy

by Trevor Strome August 2, 2012

As I was writing an article for another publication on the topic of information security, I started thinking about my own practices regarding the accessing and use of private health information. As an analytics professional working in a healthcare organization, I am exposed to the private and health related information of many individuals as part […]

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Why you should try R to give your healthcare analytics a serious boost!

by Trevor Strome July 24, 2012

Breaking the “reporting rut” It is not uncommon for healthcare analytics professionals to fall into a “rut”. This happens when they confine their development and analytical activities to the toolsets/capabilities of one (or only a limited few) analytical applications. These ruts often stymie innovation, inhibit ongoing professional development, and most certainly result in organizations not […]

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What are the attributes of great healthcare analytics professionals?

by Trevor Strome July 2, 2012

One of the questions I am asked the most by readers is, “what kind of skills are needed to work in the field of healthcare analytics?” This question is especially relevant now as there is evidence of a talent shortage in the field of analytics that may be limiting the potential of organizations to leverage […]

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How would you like your data? Self-serve BI and analytics distribution by email are not mutually exclusive!

by Trevor Strome June 19, 2012

At a recent presentation, I was discussing how healthcare organizations (HCOs) are (slowly but surely) becoming more information-centred. As evidence, I offered examples of many department managers who have come to rely on the many dashboards, reports, and other analytical tools available through our analytics portal and distributed via email. One member of the audience […]

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All dashboard and no improvement?

by Trevor Strome May 16, 2012

  Improving health care is not a project In my latest article on SearchHealthIT, I make the case that the proliferation of massive reports (that nobody reads) and overpopulated dashboards in fact complicate the decision making process at many Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) and therefore lead to very little (if any) actual improvement. Improving health care is not […]

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Is an Analytics Talent Shortage Limiting your Healthcare Improvement Potential?

by Trevor Strome May 1, 2012

The analytics talent shortage Is the potential of analytics to support change within your healthcare organization (HCO) being limited by a lack of knowledgeable and skilled analytics professionals? A recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggests that the use of analytics within organizations (not just healthcare) is, and will continue to be, constrained by […]

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How to Align Enterprise Strategy with Local Quality Improvement Efforts by Leveraging Analytics – Workshop

by Trevor Strome March 29, 2012

Join me for a workshop at the World Congress 2nd Annual Leadership Summit on Analytics for Data-Driven Organizations.  I am pleased to announce that I will be co-facilitating a workshop with Laura Madsen (of Lancet Software) at this year’s Leadership Summit on Analytics for Data-Driven Organizations. The conference runs May 17-18, 2012 in beautiful Alexandria […]

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