The analytics opportunity in healthcare

by Trevor Strome on December 30, 2012

Finding information on the web – easy

Everyone who has used a search engine on the Web knows how easy it is to query for information by entering a search term (or even just a few relevant words), and with a minimal amount of effort, find the relevant information that answers the question. (A bit more effort is required if the information you’re searching for does not immediately appear on the first page – you might need to go to page 2 or page 3 of the search!)

Finding information in an EMR or EDW – not so easy

Anyone who has ever used an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or a reporting tool to look up information on a patient (or series of patients) knows how hard finding information can be made to be.  And anybody who has tried to get the information they need for a healthcare quality and/or performance improvement would not be faulted for thinking that obtaining any information of value is downright impossible.

The opportunity

Companies such as Google, Amazon, and others whose very existence depends on users’ ease of access to highly tailored information demonstrate the realm of the possible – that the tools, techniques, algorithms, and data now exist to drive our analytics-powered world.

But just because the technology is possible and available does not mean that every healthcare organization has access to the same level of technology. And healthcare organizations vary widely on their use of the information tools at their disposal for achieving healthcare transformation.

I believe that 2013 will be a year in which many healthcare organizations take giant strides in their analytics capabilities, whether it is in obtaining new tools, applying new techniques, or simply maximizing the return on investment in existing capabilities. To support these activities, this blog will continue to provide strategies, tactics, and other resources that healthcare organizations can use to leverage analytics in order to achieve the quality and performance improvements for which they strive.

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Thank you, and all the best in 2013!



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