Big Data and Data Science – A Statistician’s View

by Trevor Strome on September 12, 2014

While the various methods and technologies associated with Big Data and Data Science offer exciting potential to dramatically improve the business and clinical insight available to healthcare professionals (both clinical and administrative), there is no shortage of hype associated with them either.

Oftentimes what is missing from the discussion is an objective look at the benefits and drawbacks as well as the strengths and weaknesses of big data and data science, free of the promises and hyperbole often associated with vendor and consultant pitches.

I recently came across this slide deck (see below) by Diego Kuonen that provides a professional statistician’s thorough, hype-free view on “Big Data” and “Data Science”. In the presentation, the author “illustrates the connection between data science and statistics, and highlights some challenges and opportunities from a statistical perspective” (quoted text taken from abstract).

As listed on the overview page, the four main objectives of the presentation are to:

  1. Demystify big data hype.
  2. Demystify data science hype.
  3. Discern between data science and statistics
  4. Discuss opportunities in data science and big data

For a solid overview of the fundamentals of Big Data and Data Science, I highly recommend this deck… you’ll then be prepared to see through the hype and have a truer understanding of these important concepts in Healthcare Analytics.

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