Workshop on Visual Analytics in Healthcare

by Trevor Strome on July 29, 2011

Healthcare providers are faced with an increasing volume of data which they need to quickly analyze to make critical decisions regarding a patient’s care. Similarly, healthcare organizations struggle to improve operational efficiency using outdated analytic approaches (often consisting of nothing more than stacks of data in tabular format). Despite enormous advances in computing power, analytics tools, and visualization techniques, many in healthcare still do not have access to, or use effectively, modern visual analytics systems.

To address this gap in analytics capability, a Workshop on Visual Analytics in Healthcare: Understanding the Physician Perspective  is being held in conjunction with IEEE VisWeek 2011. The workshop will provide an opportunity to showcase how advanced visualization techniques can be adapted for and used in clinical practice by healthcare providers. The event will link engineers and physicians in an engaging discussion on what is needed, and what works best, to achieve better insight into patient care using visual analytics.

As stated on the conference website, the goal of the workshop is to “gather together leading physicians and clinical practitioners to share with the visualization community their need for specific visualization tools and discuss the areas in healthcare where additional visualization techniques are needed.”

Topics that may be covered during the workshop include:

  • Visual analysis and exploration of longitudinal clinical data
  • Visual data mining of Electronic Health Records
  • Improving patient flow with visual analytics
  • Outcome forecasting or prediction
  • Pandemic forecasting and tracking
  • Visual analytics in surgery / radiology / OR / ER
  • Improving patients’ understanding with visual analytics
  • Clinical dashboards
  • Data summarization

If you are interested in submitting a paper for presentation at this workshop, the deadline is August 31, 2011.

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