Top Five Healthcare Improvement Analytics Myths – Special Report

by Trevor Strome February 18, 2011

Are your healthcare improvement efforts stalled because of a lack of evidence? Is your department, unit, or hospital drowning in data but still unable to make the right decisions? Do you have extensive reporting systems in place that seem to “miss the mark?” Analytics for healthcare improvement should result in actionable information that leads to […]

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Can Your Data Be Cool? It Better Be!

by Trevor Strome February 9, 2011

Yes it can, according to Christian Chabot, the CEO and co-founder of  Tableau Software, developers of some of the most leading-edge data visualization software.  In this excellent article by Stuart Miles about the opening of Tableau’s UK office, Chabot states that, “Analytics and stats might sound dull unless you’re an accountant,” but if they’re done […]

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Harness the Tsunami! How to Leverage End-User Analytics Requests.

by Trevor Strome February 6, 2011

Strategic Growth versus Growth by Aggregation I used to say that business intelligence and analytic portals would grow by “aggregation”. That is, the number of reports, dashboards, and other analytic tools within a portal would grow based on the number and type of ad-hoc requests received by the developers. Once an ad-hoc request was completed […]

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Want to accelerate your analytics career in 2011? Check out INFORMS.

by Trevor Strome January 12, 2011

A very common New Years resolution is to get traction on accelerating your career. Over the next couple of months, I will be highlighting resources and strategies that can help you reach that “next level” (and beyond) in your analytics career. Feel free to share with me any ideas that I might have missed, and […]

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All the Best this Holiday Season!

by Trevor Strome December 21, 2010

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the regular readers of this site for your support over this past year. As the site continues to grow and evolve, your loyalty and support has been greatly appreciated! I want to wish everyone the happiest of holiday seasons and all the best in the […]

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Daily Dose of Data Keeps Up Performance!

by Trevor Strome December 7, 2010

The readers of this blog will know that I’ve written in the past about “tactical analytics” – that level of analytics support that sits between strategic analytics and operational analytics. Of course, strategic analytics is most commonly used by healthcare executives and program leadership to monitor performance targets and facilitate resource planning. And, operational analytics […]

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Lean Primer for Healthcare Analytics Professionals – Overview

by Trevor Strome December 4, 2010

This is the first in a series of articles to enhance the role of analytics professionals in Lean Healthcare transformation initiatives. This blog series will provide the foundation analytics professionals need to develop and implement the analytics tools that are essential to launching and sustaining healthcare transformation activities. We will focus on developing appropriate visualizations, […]

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Analytics Promotes Transparency in Healthcare

by Trevor Strome December 1, 2010

Operating in Silos One of the major roadblocks to healthcare quality improvement is the tendency for Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) to operate in silos. For the most part, Emergency Departments are operated and managed separately from Medicine, Surgery, and other programs. These entrenched silos within an HCO can lead to (seemingly) competing interests, distrust, and outright […]

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Towards a Data-Centered Healthcare Culture – First Steps

by Trevor Strome November 6, 2010

Is your organization data-centered? It’s a very powerful moment when you realize that the culture within your healthcare organization (HCO) is becoming data-centric. When this occurs, stakeholders at all levels (from front-line nurses to middle-management and senior executives) are interested in and actually use the information end-products available from business intelligence implementations. Information becomes important […]

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IBM “Streaming Analytics” allows early detection of brain injury and other health issues

by Trevor Strome November 1, 2010

In the news… Columbia University Medical Center researchers will be adopting IBM “Streaming Analytics” in a project to help detect brain injury and other health issues much more quickly than was previously possible. According to an article on  TMCnet Healthcare Technology, streaming analytics is capable of analyzing large volumes in data in motion. The article […]

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