Healthcare Analytics Resource List

by Trevor Strome on October 9, 2013

About These Links

This page contains links to the many resources that are discussed in Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement (as well as links to other relevant web-based resources). This list is constantly being revised and updated to ensure that the links provided reflect the most current and essential knowledge in the field of healthcare analytics.

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I access most of these resources on a regular basis for reference. However, no list can be totally comprehensive. If you have developed, or know of any, resources that should be added to this list, please feel free to email me at:

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Healthcare Quality and Value

Data Quality and Governance

Working with Data and Statistics

Statistical Process Control

Information Usability, Visualization, & Presentation

Advanced Analytics

Healthcare Analytics & Business Intelligence Resources

Professional Organizations / Associations

Selected (Open-Source) Software

Healthcare Analytics Bookshelf