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Moving Towards Self-Serve Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence

by Trevor Strome June 15, 2011

Self-service is commonly identified as a growing trend in the business intelligence (BI) and analytics fields. Many analytics and BI solutions are now starting to tout their self-serve capabilities as the “next generation” in business intelligence and analytics. (At times I may use the terms “business intelligence” and “analytics” interchangeably throughout this article, with the […]

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Mobile Business Intelligence – Best Practices from Tableau

by Trevor Strome June 10, 2011

Mobile devices are revolutionizing healthcare With the increasing proliferation of mobile devices (such as Apple’s iPad tablets), there is an opportunity to literally bring analytics to the bedside with the use of such devices. Providing fingertip access to healthcare providers and administrators will make information truly available when and where it is needed, whether it […]

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Healthcare Informatics – Living Up To Expectations?

by Trevor Strome June 6, 2011

Live from St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada I am attending the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) 2011 Annual Meeting in St John’s, Newfoundland. It is an opportunity for Emergency Medicine physicians from around the country to meet and discuss the issues and challenges that face Emergency Departments today. (Although I am not a physician, I […]

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Denver Health IT Summit – July 26 & 27, 2011

by Trevor Strome May 30, 2011

On July 26 and 27, 2011, the Institute for Health Technology Transformation (iHT2) will be hosting its Health IT Summit in Denver, Co. I am fortunate enough to be presenting at the Denver Health IT Summit. Specifically, I`ll be moderating two sessions – one entitled Analytics in Health Care: Business Intelligence & Decision Support and the other […]

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Healthcare Cyber Security – Too Important to Ignore

by Trevor Strome May 30, 2011

Cyber Security and the need to protect of vital information has recently been in the forefront of the news. Recent examples, including the hacking of Sony’s PlayStation Network and the  RSA security breach demonstrate that even well-protected networks are vulnerable to attacks of ever-increasing sophistication.  I am sure that most people consider their personal health information to […]

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Analytics On The Front Line – Improving Healthcare Quality Through Teamwork

by Trevor Strome May 10, 2011

Analytics professionals on the front-lines of healthcare I firmly believe that  analytics professional working in a healthcare environment should spend as much time working with and learning from front-line healthcare professionals as they spend in front of a computer developing analytical tools and studying data. The reasoning behind this is two-fold. First, time spent working […]

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The Analytics Gap in Healthcare

by Trevor Strome May 2, 2011

Recent advances in healthcare information technology (HIT) have resulted in a massive increase in the volume and complexity of healthcare data. As HIT continues to mature and the end-users (and end-uses) become more numerous and sophisticated, the number of computerized systems deployed throughout healthcare organizations (HCOs) is increasing. And, as the number of HIT applications […]

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Moving to Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

by Trevor Strome February 25, 2011

I read an excellent article in Information Management entitled “Having Analytics May Not Be Enough”, by Soumendra Mohanty. Although the article is not specifically about analytics in healthcare, the author does make some relevant points for those who use analytics in the field of healthcare. To gain (or maintain) a competitive advantage, businesses have been […]

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Top Five Healthcare Improvement Analytics Myths – Special Report

by Trevor Strome February 18, 2011

Are your healthcare improvement efforts stalled because of a lack of evidence? Is your department, unit, or hospital drowning in data but still unable to make the right decisions? Do you have extensive reporting systems in place that seem to “miss the mark?” Analytics for healthcare improvement should result in actionable information that leads to […]

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Can Your Data Be Cool? It Better Be!

by Trevor Strome February 9, 2011

Yes it can, according to Christian Chabot, the CEO and co-founder of  Tableau Software, developers of some of the most leading-edge data visualization software.  In this excellent article by Stuart Miles about the opening of Tableau’s UK office, Chabot states that, “Analytics and stats might sound dull unless you’re an accountant,” but if they’re done […]

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