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Why you should try R to give your healthcare analytics a serious boost!

by Trevor Strome July 24, 2012

Breaking the “reporting rut” It is not uncommon for healthcare analytics professionals to fall into a “rut”. This happens when they confine their development and analytical activities to the toolsets/capabilities of one (or only a limited few) analytical applications. These ruts often stymie innovation, inhibit ongoing professional development, and most certainly result in organizations not […]

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What are the attributes of great healthcare analytics professionals?

by Trevor Strome July 2, 2012

One of the questions I am asked the most by readers is, “what kind of skills are needed to work in the field of healthcare analytics?” This question is especially relevant now as there is evidence of a talent shortage in the field of analytics that may be limiting the potential of organizations to leverage […]

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How would you like your data? Self-serve BI and analytics distribution by email are not mutually exclusive!

by Trevor Strome June 19, 2012

At a recent presentation, I was discussing how healthcare organizations (HCOs) are (slowly but surely) becoming more information-centred. As evidence, I offered examples of many department managers who have come to rely on the many dashboards, reports, and other analytical tools available through our analytics portal and distributed via email. One member of the audience […]

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Healthcare Business Intelligence Summit 2012

by Trevor Strome June 7, 2012

The Healthcare Business Intelligence Summit, one of the premier education and networking events for healthcare analytics professionals, is occurring on September 20, 2012. The event will be held in Minneapolis at the beautiful University of Minnesota campus. I attended last year’s event, and was impressed with the  knowledge and professionalism of the presenters, as well as […]

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All dashboard and no improvement?

by Trevor Strome May 16, 2012

  Improving health care is not a project In my latest article on SearchHealthIT, I make the case that the proliferation of massive reports (that nobody reads) and overpopulated dashboards in fact complicate the decision making process at many Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) and therefore lead to very little (if any) actual improvement. Improving health care is not […]

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Is an Analytics Talent Shortage Limiting your Healthcare Improvement Potential?

by Trevor Strome May 1, 2012

The analytics talent shortage Is the potential of analytics to support change within your healthcare organization (HCO) being limited by a lack of knowledgeable and skilled analytics professionals? A recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggests that the use of analytics within organizations (not just healthcare) is, and will continue to be, constrained by […]

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A Friendly Reminder to IT – Analytics is NOT “Just” Reporting!

by Trevor Strome April 19, 2012

A simple question… As part of a “reporting inventory” project, I was recently asked by a young and enthusiastic member of our information technology (IT) staff to provide a list of all the reports my analytics team has built, and how often they were run, and who received them. The question was certainly innocent enough. […]

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How to Align Enterprise Strategy with Local Quality Improvement Efforts by Leveraging Analytics – Workshop

by Trevor Strome March 29, 2012

Join me for a workshop at the World Congress 2nd Annual Leadership Summit on Analytics for Data-Driven Organizations.  I am pleased to announce that I will be co-facilitating a workshop with Laura Madsen (of Lancet Software) at this year’s Leadership Summit on Analytics for Data-Driven Organizations. The conference runs May 17-18, 2012 in beautiful Alexandria […]

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Successful Healthcare Improvement Requires Analytics and Effective Communications

by Trevor Strome March 15, 2012

Effective communication is key for any quality improvement initiative Information that is “locked up” in obscure reports and complex tables or presented in ways that does not engage front-line staff is essentially a wasted resource. For healthcare improvement goals to succeed, it is important to share the process and quality improvement goals of a healthcare organization […]

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Getting It Right – The Fine Line Between Trivia and Usable Analytics

by Trevor Strome March 7, 2012

In my previous article Three Key Analytics Usability Factors for Improving Healthcare, I argue that how usable analytics (such as dashboards, scorecards, reports, predictive models, and simulation tools) are will determine how likely they are to be embraced and, more importantly, used in meaningful ways to improve healthcare. That article provides a high level overview […]

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