Three Main Barriers to Widespread Analytics Use in Healthcare Organizations

by Trevor Strome November 14, 2013

This posting is an extracted and abridged selection from my book “Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement”, published by John Wiley & Sons Inc., and available at in hardcover and e-reader formats. Analytics excellence, as it relates to healthcare quality improvement, occurs when the strategies, people, processes, and technologies are applied to improvement initiatives and […]

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Getting It Right – The Fine Line Between Trivia and Usable Analytics

by Trevor Strome March 7, 2012

In my previous article Three Key Analytics Usability Factors for Improving Healthcare, I argue that how usable analytics (such as dashboards, scorecards, reports, predictive models, and simulation tools) are will determine how likely they are to be embraced and, more importantly, used in meaningful ways to improve healthcare. That article provides a high level overview […]

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The Three Key Analytics Usability Factors for Improving Healthcare

by Trevor Strome March 1, 2012

A lot of effort goes into making healthcare information systems (such as electronic records, etc) easy for end-users to navigate and comprehend. The better the usability, the more likely systems are to be accepted and used in meaningful ways. Although much effort goes into enhancing the usability of these “front-end” systems, there isn’t much focus […]

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