Self-Serve Analytics

How would you like your data? Self-serve BI and analytics distribution by email are not mutually exclusive!

by Trevor Strome June 19, 2012

At a recent presentation, I was discussing how healthcare organizations (HCOs) are (slowly but surely) becoming more information-centred. As evidence, I offered examples of many department managers who have come to rely on the many dashboards, reports, and other analytical tools available through our analytics portal and distributed via email. One member of the audience […]

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Ensuring health care analytics create value by understanding the requirements of information end-users

by Trevor Strome January 12, 2012

There is a proliferation of “real-time” dashboards and other information displays throughout healthcare organizations. In a recent article on information overload, I mentioned that information on reports, dashboards, and analytic tools that is not up-to date, relevant, and accurate will merely contribute to information overload. This in turn decreases the value, and use, of analytics […]

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Moving Towards Self-Serve Healthcare Analytics and Business Intelligence

by Trevor Strome June 15, 2011

Self-service is commonly identified as a growing trend in the business intelligence (BI) and analytics fields. Many analytics and BI solutions are now starting to tout their self-serve capabilities as the “next generation” in business intelligence and analytics. (At times I may use the terms “business intelligence” and “analytics” interchangeably throughout this article, with the […]

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