Quality Improvement

Context is Everything – Enabling Analytics by Understanding Improvement Goals, Strategy, and Measurement Objectives

by Trevor Strome April 3, 2017

As I mentioned in my previous blog post How To Position Analytics as a Strategic Resource Within Your Organization, context is what frames the various challenges and pressures facing an organization, and describes what and why the organization is striving to improve. Common areas of  innovation and improvement being sought by many organizations include: Quality […]

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How To Position Analytics as a Strategic Resource Within Your Organization

by Trevor Strome March 22, 2017

The challenge: how can organizations leverage available data  and analytics resources in innovative (and revolutionary) ways to achieve breakthrough transformation in quality, performance, competitiveness, and customer satisfaction? Many organizations feel that “leveraging data” means building many reports, and fulfilling a high number of ad hoc data requests, as if the volume of reports & requests […]

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Celebrating two years since “Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement” was published!

by Trevor Strome September 4, 2015

It’s hard to believe that it will be two years next month since my first book “Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement” was published, in October 2013, by John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Since the book was published, it has been the selected textbook for many health analytics and health policy classes at institutions […]

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Four Important Ways That Analytics Transforms Healthcare Decision-Making

by Trevor Strome May 4, 2015

The Challenge – Increasing Need for Actionable Insight. Healthcare transformation efforts require decision makers to use information to understand all aspects of an organization’s performance. In addition to knowing what has happened, decision makers now require insight into what is likely going to happen, what the improvement priorities of the organization should be, and what […]

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Why Nurses Must Understand Analytics and Quality Improvement

by Trevor Strome April 13, 2015

In my role as a healthcare analytics and quality improvement (QI) professional (and, now an Assistant Professor with the local College of Nursing), I find myself regularly in discussions with nursing professionals regarding how analytics and QI impact their roles. A common thread in these discussions revolves around why, how, and where nurses should learn […]

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Upcoming NIHI Seminar: Advanced Healthcare Performance Measurement

by Trevor Strome January 15, 2015

 Join me on January 29, 2015 for my National Institutes of Health Informatics (NIHI) web seminar entitled “Advanced Healthcare Performance Measurement“. Click here to register. About the Session The complexity of health care demands that a robust approach to measuring quality be followed. Healthcare quality and performance must be defined in terms that are quantifiable—meaning they […]

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Analytics Play an Essential Role in Improving Healthcare Quality, Safety, and Value

by Trevor Strome September 9, 2014

This posting is an extracted and abridged selection from my book “Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement”, published by John Wiley & Sons Inc., and available at Amazon.com in hardcover and e-reader formats. Quality from the patient’s perspective From the patient’s perspective, healthcare is often thought of in terms of quality and expressed in questions such […]

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Why Analytics and Quality Improvement Teams Must Work Together to Improve Healthcare

by Trevor Strome October 16, 2013

I recently wrote an article for SearchHealthIT.com entitled, “Healthcare Analytics and Quality Improvement Teams Must Collaborate.” In the article, I share that I am a very strong advocate of enabling frequent and open interaction — and where possible, integration — between healthcare analytics and quality improvement specialists. In the article, I explain that quality cannot […]

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“Healthcare Analytics For Quality and Performance Improvement” Now Shipping!

by Trevor Strome October 7, 2013

I am very excited and proud to announce that I received the first copy of my new book, Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement, by courier from the publisher, John Wiley & Sons, late last week. That means that the book is shipping from the publisher and should be available from major outlets on or […]

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Healthcare Analytics Book Overview and Chapter Summary

by Trevor Strome September 29, 2013

As many readers of my blog may know, my new book Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement is due to be released on October 14th by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. I wrote this book because I observed that a gap often exists between many healthcare information technology (IT) professionals, healthcare analytics experts, and those […]

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