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Don’t Miss the IHT2 Healthcare Information Technology Summit in Vancouver on September 17 and 18, 2015

by Trevor Strome July 20, 2015

Save The Date! Coming this September 17 & 18 in Vancouver BC is the first Canadian Health IT Summit hosted by the Institute for Health Technology Transformation. This event will be an excellent opportunity for healthcare leaders to discuss important technology trends and issues that impact healthcare quality, safety, and efficiency. The panel discussions and case […]

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Healthcare Data Analytics Summit – Toronto, December 2014

by Trevor Strome September 29, 2014

The Third National Summit on Healthcare Data Analytics is coming to Toronto, Ontario December 2-3, 2014. I’m honored to be chairing this outstanding event this year, as there is an outstanding lineup of speakers. There are expert speakers attending from across North America and internationally. Several of the timely and important topics include: population health […]

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Analytics Play an Essential Role in Improving Healthcare Quality, Safety, and Value

by Trevor Strome September 9, 2014

This posting is an extracted and abridged selection from my book “Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement”, published by John Wiley & Sons Inc., and available at in hardcover and e-reader formats. Quality from the patient’s perspective From the patient’s perspective, healthcare is often thought of in terms of quality and expressed in questions such […]

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Healthcare Analytics INSIGHTS – Week of November 4 in Review

by Trevor Strome November 7, 2013

The weekly dozen Here is a selection of the 12 most interesting healthcare analytics related articles I came across this week on the web. If you come across (or write) an article that would be of interest to readers, please send it along via Twitter or email and I’ll include it in an upcoming […]

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Healthcare Analytics Week in Review – Week of October 28

by Trevor Strome November 1, 2013

As October rolls on into November, here are a few of the news items, articles, tweets, and websites that I found most interesting and informative over the past week. website security was at ‘high risk’ before launching Ten actual uses of big data Healthcare analytics and quality improvement teams must collaborate Cloud computing: the […]

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The analytics opportunity in healthcare

by Trevor Strome December 30, 2012

Finding information on the web – easy Everyone who has used a search engine on the Web knows how easy it is to query for information by entering a search term (or even just a few relevant words), and with a minimal amount of effort, find the relevant information that answers the question. (A bit […]

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Why you should try R to give your healthcare analytics a serious boost!

by Trevor Strome July 24, 2012

Breaking the “reporting rut” It is not uncommon for healthcare analytics professionals to fall into a “rut”. This happens when they confine their development and analytical activities to the toolsets/capabilities of one (or only a limited few) analytical applications. These ruts often stymie innovation, inhibit ongoing professional development, and most certainly result in organizations not […]

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What are the attributes of great healthcare analytics professionals?

by Trevor Strome July 2, 2012

One of the questions I am asked the most by readers is, “what kind of skills are needed to work in the field of healthcare analytics?” This question is especially relevant now as there is evidence of a talent shortage in the field of analytics that may be limiting the potential of organizations to leverage […]

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Successful Healthcare Improvement Requires Analytics and Effective Communications

by Trevor Strome March 15, 2012

Effective communication is key for any quality improvement initiative Information that is “locked up” in obscure reports and complex tables or presented in ways that does not engage front-line staff is essentially a wasted resource. For healthcare improvement goals to succeed, it is important to share the process and quality improvement goals of a healthcare organization […]

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Five Project Management Strategies To Successfully Leverage Analytics for Healthcare Improvement

by Trevor Strome January 27, 2012

Implementing business intelligence and analytics projects within a Healthcare Organization (HCO) are challenging due to regulatory and financial pressures facing healthcare, the complexity of data involved, the multitude of stakeholders, and relative newness of BI technologies to healthcare. Below are some strategies that can help your HCO implement BI and analytics projects that become integral […]

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