Healthcare Transformation – Challenges and Opportunities

by Trevor Strome February 28, 2013

Healthcare delivery around the globe is undergoing radical transformation. Part of this transformation is out of necessity, because in many ways healthcare has become unsafe and unsustainable. Part of this transformation, however, is a result of how technology has impacted healthcare delivery, providing better and more intelligent medical devices and information systems to aid in […]

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R Version 3 Coming Later This Year

by Trevor Strome January 3, 2013

  As regular readers of will know, I am both a proponent and user of R (, the open-source software environment for statistical computing and graphics. As I’ve written about previously, R is a powerful language that is very useful for healthcare analytics, and I use R when I have a job that no […]

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How To Stick With Those New Year’s Professional Development Resolutions

by Trevor Strome January 2, 2013

Starting the new year off right It wouldn’t be the beginning of a new year if I haven’t made some resolutions pertaining to my professional development as a healthcare analytics professional. Of course, like all resolutions, even the professional development ones can be hard to keep! In an interesting post on entitled “How To […]

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Healthcare Information Security At Risk

by Trevor Strome January 2, 2013

Taking information security seriously As a healthcare analytics professional, I work with the private health information of people every day. Typically, when used for driving performance dashboards, developing predictive models, and supporting quality and performance improvement efforts, this information is entirely stripped of identifiable information. On occasion, I work with data that is NOT anonymized, […]

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The analytics opportunity in healthcare

by Trevor Strome December 30, 2012

Finding information on the web – easy Everyone who has used a search engine on the Web knows how easy it is to query for information by entering a search term (or even just a few relevant words), and with a minimal amount of effort, find the relevant information that answers the question. (A bit […]

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Happy Holidays from!

by Trevor Strome December 24, 2012

  I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone all the best during this holiday season! I would also like to extend a very sincere thank you to you, my readers, for taking the time to read my blog. That so many of you would let me know how my blog has helped you along […]

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Healthcare Organizations Must Evolve and Adapt to Survive

by Trevor Strome November 6, 2012

Healthcare organizations (HCOs) are always working to improve the quality of their care and the efficiency of their business operations. More often than not, the approach to improving quality, performance, and efficiency is through a quality improvement (QI) project. The term “project” in this respect, however, is misleading at best, and potentially counter-productive at worst. […]

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Why you need a healthcare analytics strategy (and why just “having” one isn’t enough)

by Trevor Strome September 19, 2012

Analytics – one hot topic! Analytics is currently a very “hot topic” in healthcare (and other industries as well). Factors contributing to this popularity include: growing volumes of healthcare data, increasing capability and availability of analytical tools. decreasing cost of business intelligence and analytics solutions These and other factors are resulting in a lot of […]

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Healthcare Business Intelligence Summit 2012 – coming up soon!

by Trevor Strome September 12, 2012

  The 2012 Healthcare Business Intelligence Summit is less than a week away. The summit, taking place in Minneapolis, MN, is indeed one of the premier healthcare BI networking and educational events. Best of all, the event is free to qualified healthcare BI professionals! Being only a week away, the event is filling up VERY […]

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Get Serious about Health Information Security and Privacy

by Trevor Strome August 2, 2012

As I was writing an article for another publication on the topic of information security, I started thinking about my own practices regarding the accessing and use of private health information. As an analytics professional working in a healthcare organization, I am exposed to the private and health related information of many individuals as part […]

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