Healthcare Analytics Primer – Getting The Most from your Healthcare Data

by Trevor Strome on November 19, 2014

An Introduction to Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare analytics is the system of tools, techniques, and people required to consistently and reliably generate accurate, validated, and trustworthy business and clinical insight. By leveraging analytics, healthcare organizations can improve their decision-making effectiveness by replacing gut instinct with data-driven, transparent, verifiable, and robust decision methods.

This Healthcare Analytics Primer is a starting point to enable your healthcare organization to extract maximum value from the data that is being collected in the many clinical and administrative systems that form the healthcare information technology (HIT) ecosystem.

To get you started, below are links to download the first two chapters of my book “Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement.”

Establishing A Strategic Analytics Framework

Successful adoption of analytics that drive innovation and improvement requires an effective strategy. An analytics strategy, however, is more than simply a data utilization strategy, a data analysis strategy, a technology strategy, or a quality improvement strategy. In fact, elements of all these are required for an effective analytics strategy to ensure that an organization’s analytics capabilities are aligned with its quality and performance improvement needs.

The presentation below, Developing a Strategic Analytics Framework that Drives Healthcare Transformation, is based on Chapter 3 of my book and describes the key components of a strategic analytics framework that can enable your healthcare organization to leverage data from source-systems to achieve its quality, safety, and performance improvement goals. This presentation (and the chapter) also covers the components of and inputs to an analytics strategy, stakeholders who must be involved in developing the strategy, how to communicate the strategy, and how to implement the strategy for maximum success.

Be sure to download the resources that accompany the Strategic Analytics Framework from the links below:


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