Webinar: Leveraging Healthcare Data and Technologies to Improve Patient Outcomes

by Trevor Strome on July 14, 2015

Please join me on Wednesday, July 15th for a webinar entitled “Leveraging Healthcare Data and Technologies to Improve Patient Outcomes.”


Health information technology is changing how healthcare is delivered, and how people are managing their own health. Systems ranging from consumer health smartphone apps to enterprise-wide electronic medical records (EMRs) are generating incredible volumes of data ranging in type from clinical documentation to genomic data to social media streams.  Healthcare organizations can harness this data to achieve improvements in the health of the population and transform the quality, safety, effectiveness, and efficiency of how healthcare is delivered. Because much of this potential still relies on emerging technologies, however, there seems to be little consensus on best practices and best-of-breed technologies to manage and analyze this data to achieve maximum transformational potential. This webinar will enable healthcare organizations to better leverage the wealth of data that is becoming available by discussing the tools and techniques that can be used to better analyze this data, and ultimately, to better understand the needs of their patients.

Learning objectives:

  1. Review emerging technologies and data sources that may be underutilized but hold potential for improving the health of the population and enabling the healthcare system to become more responsive and sustainable.
  2. Discuss how healthcare organizations are addressing the challenges of managing, analyzing, and putting to use ever-growing volumes of data.
  3. Discuss the roles that analytics plays in leveraging data to  improve healthcare  outcomes.
  4. Explore the various analytics tools and techniques that healthcare providers can employ to deep-dive into their data, improve quality, safety, and performance, and to better meet the health needs of their patients.

I hope that you’ll join me and my colleagues from the Institute for Health Technology Transformation. Please click here to register for this event (free of charge!).

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