What are the attributes of great healthcare analytics professionals?

by Trevor Strome on July 2, 2012

Healthcare Analytics Team

One of the questions I am asked the most by readers is, “what kind of skills are needed to work in the field of healthcare analytics?” This question is especially relevant now as there is evidence of a talent shortage in the field of analytics that may be limiting the potential of organizations to leverage information as effectively as possible for decision-making.

In my recent article on SearchHealthIT Community Blog, I mention several of the traits I view as particularly important for healthcare analytics professionals. A few if those traits I discuss in the article are:

  • Natural curiosity – healthcare analytics professionals should not be afraid to ask questions, and they realize that asking questions does not “expose ignorance” but is truly the only way to gain full understanding of a problem.
  • Business-focused –  healthcare analytics professionals must strive to know the pertinent details of the healthcare domains in which they work. Details of the business process and workflows add the necessary context to data that help it become “information”.
  •  Team player – healthcare analytics professionals must work well with other members of healthcare improvement teams, and respect the differing points of views that professionals in other disciplines bring to the discussion.

Healthcare analytics professionals require a strong set of analytical and inter-personal skills to function effectively as part of healthcare improvement teams. For further reading, please see the complete article on necessary attributes of healthcare analytics professionals


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