All dashboard and no improvement?

by Trevor Strome on May 16, 2012


Improving health care is not a project

In my latest article on SearchHealthIT, I make the case that the proliferation of massive reports (that nobody reads) and overpopulated dashboards in fact complicate the decision making process at many Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) and therefore lead to very little (if any) actual improvement. Improving health care is not a “project” – it is a long-term endeavour which requires analytics to focus on answering the right questions, and providing the right answers, to achieve change.

A “back to basics” approach

Analytics are a very powerful tool for use in improving health care quality and operational efficiency. With all the data available now, however, it is possible to create myriad dashboards that essentially don’t provide any useful information at all. To be effective at facilitating quality and performance improvement, every aspect of the health care business intelligence (BI) tool set (be it analytical tools, dashboards, reporting, etc) should be directed at identifying what needs to improve, and identifying if a change has occurred. If these fundamental questions are not addressed, BI becomes nothing more than an aggregation of data that will leave healthcare leaders wondering, “when will the improvement happen?”

Read the entire article, “Is your health care organization all dashboard and no improvement“, by following the link.

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