I’m pleased to be co-chairing and presenting at the IHT2 Summit in Atlanta this week. Like all IHT2 summits (which all feature healthcare industry leaders), this week’s Atlanta summit promises to be an outstanding opportunity to network, share ideas, and learn about where health information technology is heading.

A few of the very many outstanding topics include:

  • Analytics Strategies to Improve Quality & Outcomes (this is my presentation)
  • Achieving the Triple Aim: The Future of Health Care
  • The Radical Transformation and Disintermediation of Healthcare: Evolving Technologies in Care Delivery
  • Insights from Patient Data: Managing the Health of a Population
  • Driving Improved Outcomes with Electronic Health Records
  • Leveraging Telemedicine and Mobile Solutions to Reduce Re-admissions

I will be posting updates and summaries from the sessions that I attend at this week’s Summit.

I have attended several IHT2 summits over the last three years (including events in Denver, Los Angeles and Boston) and have found every summit to be well-attended by CXO-level leaders, clinical providers, and industry leaders. To remain current in the field of Health Information Technology, and to experience outstanding educational and networking opportunities, I would highly recommend that you check out an IHT2 Summit.


NEW Health IT Literature Review Report and Interactive Data Visualization on the Health IT Dashboard!

Check out: http://dashboard.healthit.gov

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) has just updated their Health IT Dashboard with a comprehensive literature review regarding impacts of health IT: Health Information Technology: An Updated Systematic Review with a Focus on Meaningful Use Functionalities. Their most recent literature review provides an update of previous systematic reviews with new literature published during the 2010 to 2013 period.

The literature review reveals that most new studies indicate that health IT has indeed enabled significant gains in health care quality, but that their efficiency and safety were still sparsely researched. The report also includes a complementary interactive data visualization highlighting the value of health IT across these various outcomes.

Download the full report [PDF — 2.2 MB] from HealthIT.gov, or dig deeper into the literature with ONC’s interactive data visualization.


Embedded Healthcare Analytics – Benefits and Challenges

by Trevor Strome February 19, 2014

Most healthcare organizations (HCOs) possess some degree of business intelligence or analytics capability. In typical HCOs, this capability likely consists of data from source systems being stored in an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) or other storage repository; and analytics, Business Intelligence, and reporting is provided by one or more special-purpose tools. This arrangement offers little, [...]

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Five Critical Things to Know about Healthcare Data Prior to Use in Analytics

by Trevor Strome February 3, 2014

As health IT becomes more sophisticated, having more data is indeed a good thing. It can be argued, however that as the number of potential healthcare data items that can be analyzed in modern clinical systems continues to grow, analysts have less understanding of the data compared to when databases were much smaller and used [...]

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Healthcare Analytics New Years 2014 Update

by Trevor Strome January 6, 2014

First of all, I’d like to wish a very happy New Year to everyone, and all the best in 2014! The past year, 2013, was a banner year with the publication of my book Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement, and 2014 promises to be even more exciting! This upcoming year, I will be [...]

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Three Main Barriers to Widespread Analytics Use in Healthcare Organizations

by Trevor Strome November 14, 2013

This posting is an extracted and abridged selection from my book “Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement”, published by John Wiley & Sons Inc., and available at Amazon.com in hardcover and e-reader formats. Analytics excellence, as it relates to healthcare quality improvement, occurs when the strategies, people, processes, and technologies are applied to improvement initiatives and [...]

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Healthcare Analytics INSIGHTS – Week of November 4 in Review

by Trevor Strome November 7, 2013

The weekly dozen Here is a selection of the 12 most interesting healthcare analytics related articles I came across this week on the web. If you come across (or write) an article that would be of interest to HealthcareAnalytics.info readers, please send it along via Twitter or email and I’ll include it in an upcoming [...]

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Are key performance indicators still relevant in the age of big data?

by Trevor Strome November 5, 2013

This posting is an extracted and abridged selection from my book “Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement”, published by John Wiley & Sons Inc., and available at Amazon.com in hardcover and e-reader formats. Healthcare data volumes continue to increase Healthcare organizations have more data available to them than ever before. Purely “raw” data is [...]

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Free Chapter Download from “Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement” Now Available!

by Trevor Strome November 1, 2013

Chapter 1 available for download I am pleased to make Chapter 1 of my book Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement available for free download! (Click here to download Chapter 1.) Entitled “Toward Healthcare Improvement using Analytics”, Chapter 1 sets the premise of the book, that healthcare analytics are a necessity if healthcare organizations [...]

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Healthcare Analytics Week in Review – Week of October 28

by Trevor Strome November 1, 2013

As October rolls on into November, here are a few of the news items, articles, tweets, and websites that I found most interesting and informative over the past week. HealthCare.gov website security was at ‘high risk’ before launching Ten actual uses of big data Healthcare analytics and quality improvement teams must collaborate Cloud computing: the [...]

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