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This has been a busy week in the world of healthcare analytics! I have come across a lot of interesting articles, videos, and other resources this week that I’ll share with you below.

I will be making the Analytics Update a weekly feature, so if you have any articles, resources, or news bits that you’d like me to post, don’t hesitate to email me:

News & Blog Articles

Below are a collection of news and blog articles pertaining to the analytics industry in general, and healthcare analytics in particular.


Quadcopter Navigation in the Forest using Deep Neural Networks

Special Reports & White Papers

Below is where relevant industry reports and white papers that have been recently released (or those that can be considered “classics”) are listed.

Broken Links – Why analytics investments have yet to pay off

Tutorials / Education

R Tutorial: An R introduction to statistics


Online-Seminar-175wJoin me for four Healthcare Analytics online sessions that will kick-start your analytical productivity in 2016 

I am pleased to announce that I will be instructing a series of four one-hour interactive online sessions in cooperation with the National Institutes of Health Informatics (NIHI). Entitled Data Analytics Essentials for Today’s Healthcare Organization, the series will focus on providing participants with the essential knowledge required to better utilize healthcare data and analytics for informing administrative and clinical decision-making. In the sessions, participants will learn what healthcare analytics is, and how analytics tools and techniques can be leveraged to improve healthcare quality and performance improvement initiatives.

The four sessions of the series are:

  1. Introduction to Healthcare Analytics (Feb 18, 2016)
  2. Numeric and Data Literacy (Feb 25, 2016)
  3. Quality and Performance Improvement with Analytics (Mar 3, 2016)
  4. Advanced Analytics (Machine Learning, Simulation, Visualization, etc..) (Mar 10, 2016)

Please visit the NIHI Website for more details. If you register before Jan 22, 2016, you will qualify for the early-bird registration rate.


Celebrating two years since “Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement” was published!

by Trevor Strome September 4, 2015

It’s hard to believe that it will be two years next month since my first book “Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance Improvement” was published, in October 2013, by John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Since the book was published, it has been the selected textbook for many health analytics and health policy classes at institutions […]

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Don’t Miss the IHT2 Healthcare Information Technology Summit in Vancouver on September 17 and 18, 2015

by Trevor Strome July 20, 2015

Save The Date! Coming this September 17 & 18 in Vancouver BC is the first Canadian Health IT Summit hosted by the Institute for Health Technology Transformation. This event will be an excellent opportunity for healthcare leaders to discuss important technology trends and issues that impact healthcare quality, safety, and efficiency. The panel discussions and case […]

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Learn about Big Data in Healthcare with this HIMSS Virtual Briefing on August 5, 2015

by Trevor Strome July 17, 2015

You’ll Learn About Leveraging Big Data with this HIMSS Virtual Briefing If your healthcare organization is deciding how best to benefit from big data, you’ll be interested in this upcoming virtual briefing from HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society). On August 5, 2015 HIMSS will be hosting a webinar entitled “Big Data, Big Insight: […]

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Webinar: Leveraging Healthcare Data and Technologies to Improve Patient Outcomes

by Trevor Strome July 14, 2015

Please join me on Wednesday, July 15th for a webinar entitled “Leveraging Healthcare Data and Technologies to Improve Patient Outcomes.” Overview: Health information technology is changing how healthcare is delivered, and how people are managing their own health. Systems ranging from consumer health smartphone apps to enterprise-wide electronic medical records (EMRs) are generating incredible volumes […]

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IHT2 Answers Important Cloud Questions for Healthcare Leaders

by Trevor Strome May 6, 2015

My colleagues at the Institute for Health Technology Transformation (IHT2) have recently released an important special report. Entitled Answers to Healthcare Leaders’ Cloud Questions, the report address many of the concerns and issues that healthcare executives might have regarding the use of “the cloud”. The report notes that healthcare is relatively slow adopting cloud-based solutions […]

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NIHI Announces Their New Blog! Join in the Health Informatics Conversation.

by Trevor Strome May 5, 2015

My good friends at the National Institutes of Health Informatics (Twitter: @NIHI_info) have just launched their new blog! The NIHI blog address is: NIHI is a leading source of health informatics education, resources, and innovation. I’m proud to have conducted several web-based healthcare analytics workshops in conjunction with NIHI. My workshop topics have including developing […]

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Four Important Ways That Analytics Transforms Healthcare Decision-Making

by Trevor Strome May 4, 2015

The Challenge – Increasing Need for Actionable Insight. Healthcare transformation efforts require decision makers to use information to understand all aspects of an organization’s performance. In addition to knowing what has happened, decision makers now require insight into what is likely going to happen, what the improvement priorities of the organization should be, and what […]

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New Value-Based Reimbursement Report Released by IHT2

by Trevor Strome April 28, 2015

The Institute for Health Technology Transformation, or IHT2, is releasing a new report today entitled “12 Things You Need to Know About Value-Based Reimbursement: Building an Infrastructure for Financial Risk.” The IHT2 states that “the report has drawn insights from industry analysts, leading healthcare providers, and healthcare IT leaders to describe the strategies some large healthcare systems […]

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