2014DataAnalyticsSummitTorontoThe Third National Summit on Healthcare Data Analytics is coming to Toronto, Ontario December 2-3, 2014. I’m honored to be chairing this outstanding event this year, as there is an outstanding lineup of speakers. There are expert speakers attending from across North America and internationally.

Several of the timely and important topics include:

  • population health management
  • data privacy and security
  • quality improvement
  • big data in healthcare

I am also conducting two half-day workshops in association with this summit. On December 1,2014, my workshop is “Healthcare Analytics 101: Analytics Essentials for Today’s Healthcare Organization”. The workshop I’m conducting on December 4, 2014 is “Develop a Strategic Analytics Framework that Drives Quality and Performance Improvement”.

I will be posting much more about this exciting event in future articles. In the mean time, I invite you to visit the Summit website to learn more about how this important event will help keep you current with the latest in healthcare analytics, big data, and data science. Keep up to date with the latest tweets on the Summit by following @HealthDataCA.

I hope to see you in Toronto in December 2014!


Healthcare analytics professionals and data scientists access and use healthcare data on a near-constant basis. Whether it is for designing dashboards or building predictive models, the use of sensitive information is a necessity in efforts to leverage analytics to improve healthcare.

Also essential, however, is keeping the private health information that we access and use secure and private. That is why it is important for analysts and data scientists working in healthcare to understand the rules and regulations around security and privacy of health information. HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, is something that most people in healthcare have heard something about, yet relatively few truly understand the details, implications and impact of this important legislation.

In my article on Search Health IT, I outline the key features of HIPAA, especially as it relates to the use of healthcare data by analysts and data scientists.

Essentially, HIPAA provides healthcare professionals (and anybody who needs to work with protected health information) with guidelines around how to protect it. Worryingly, there are still many healthcare administrators, clinicians and analysts who consider information security and protection of privacy to be in the realm of the IT professionals. This common but too-narrow view belies the many ways in which protected health information can be exposed, and the many necessary precautions required to counter the threat of data breaches.

I invite you to read the complete article on SearchHealthIT.com to learn more about how this important legislation affects you, and how you use health information.


Big Data and Data Science – A Statistician’s View

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Presentation: Developing a Strategic Analytics Framework that Drives Healthcare Transformation

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I have been getting many requests from people who read my blog and who have seen me present to share my “Strategic Analytics Framework” slide stack, so I have posted a version of that presentation on SlideShare.net, which you can view below. Based on Chapter 3 of my book “Healthcare Analytics for Quality and Performance [...]

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I am pleased to announce that I will be presenting a two-part series entitled “Healthcare Analytics: A Strategic Framework for Quality and Performance Improvements” in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health Informatics (NIHI). The two-part series will be offered on October 8 and 15 at 12:00 PM ET. Click here for more information and [...]

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HealthcareAnalytics.info Now Inviting Guest Bloggers

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